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Information related to your finances via SMS

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Discover an easier banking with SMS notification!

Keep track of your finances anywhere, anytime

You can receive information on your account balance and payment cards or regarding the current currency exchange rates quickly and easily via SMS notifications.

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Discover the key features

  • Upon request

    If you want to review the balance of your credit card or current account or check the latest exchange rates, simply send a text message to 1500 and in a few moments you will receive an SMS notification with the requested information.

  • Free of charge

    Do you want to be notified about your credit card expenses, or about payments related to your selected current accounts or foreign currency accounts? Do you want to keep track of the expiration date or the actual balance of your permitted overdrafts on your current account? If you have already registered your mobile phone number for SMS notifications at the Bank, you can activate the service by sending an SMS to 1500. The notifications will be available within 24 hours from the moment of registration.

  • Automatic

    To use the SMS service, it is enough to register your mobile phone number in the nearest branch of the Bank and SMS notifications will be sent to you automatically. To check the balance on your payment card send the following SMS text to 1500: K xxxx (last 4 numbers on your card). To overview your account balance, send R and your account number to 1500.

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