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New banking experience

You don’t have to go to bank to pay bills, transfer money to someone’s account, settle credit card and loan liabilities or exchange currency. Banca Intesa offers you the possibility of carrying out banking transactions online, using the improved Intesa Online electronic banking. Perform banking transactions on your desktop computer or tablet in safe, easy and simple way, wherever you are.

Our new application design has made banking even easier. Most transactions can now be performed from the home page, saving you even more precious time. A loan or an overdraft can now be granted online, without any visits to a branch.


Advantages of new Intesa Online electronic banking

  • Performing banking transactions in a simple way

    You can login to Intesa Online application from your computer or tablet at any location that has internet access and carry out all banking transactions in a simple way, without visiting a branch and waiting in line.

    What you can do with Intesa Online
  • New applications design

    With new Intesa Online design, all important options are located on the Home page. Summary of your products is in the header, while the footer contains quick payment options with list of payments made during the last 30 days, transfer of funds to credit cards, as well as online currency exchange.

  • Virtual branch and help of online advisor

    An entirely new feature that will make using Intesa Online application even easier is help of online advisor, which is available at any time. By clicking the button in the bottom right corner, you will start a web chat or video chat and our advisor will respond as soon as possible. To start a video chat your computer must have a camera and a microphone, as well as speakers or headphones. Online advisor is available between 8AM – 9PM every weekday and 9AM – 2PM on Saturdays.

    Virtual branch
  • Security

    To ensure maximum security, all data exchanged with the Bank on Banca Intesa Online are encrypted. Besides this, additional security features such as the use of mTokens or SMS OTP code (one time password) guarantee the security of non-cash payments by offering an extra level of authorization.

  • Pay your bills
  • Check balance and turnover on all accounts and credit cards
  • Transfer funds between accounts you have with the Bank
  • Settle credit cards liabilities
  • Check exchange rate list
  • Carry out currency exchange transactions at the most favourable rate
  • View loans you took from the Bank
  • Activate and deactivate SMS and e-mail notifications
  • Submit and realize applications for Online cash loan and Online overdraft, without visiting a branch
  • Activate, block and deactivate Intesa Mobi and Wave2Pay services
  • Update your address details


Support provided by virtual branch team includes:

  • Resolving any doubts regarding the use of Intesa Online application
  • Support regarding submission and realization of Online cash loan and Online overdraft
  • Support regarding submission of application for credit card

Banking made easy.

Discover all the possibilities offered by new Intesa Online application!


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