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Before shopping, check your account balance, anywhere and anytime,
with Intesa Mobi.

Bank on your mobile phone

Intesa Mobi mobile banking application offers you a safe way to use modern mobile banking services, whenever and wherever you want.

Try the demo application on your mobile device and discover the new functionalities and the simplicity of using the app. Activation and use of the application is free of charge.


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Discover an easier banking with the Intesa Mobi application!

Discover the main functionality of the Intesa Mobi application

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Discover the key features

  • Wide selection of services

    Intesa Mobi is the mobile banking app that responds to your everyday banking needs by offering the possibility to carry out wide-ranging transactions and other banking operations.

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  • Payments without transaction fees

    As a user of Intesa Hit or Intesa Magnifica current accounts, pay your bills via Intesa Mobi application without transaction fees. As a user of Intesa Basic current account, your first three cashless transactions completed via electronic services (Intesa Online, Intesa Mobi and Intesa Halo) in each month, are not subject to any fees, regardless of the amount, the remaining payments of the given month, will be charged in accordance with the Tariff of the fees for the Bank services.

  • High security

    Intesa Mobi provides you with great safety thanks to modern and highly reliable protection systems. When you download the application on your mobile device, the mToken application will be also installed, which guarantees safe login and transaction authorization. Carrying out operations in the application is protected with your personal mPIN which you need to set up during the activation process of the application. The mPIN is used to secure data exchange with the bank.

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  • Receipts of your paid bills always at hand

    If you want the receipts of the bills paid via internet, to be delivered to your home address each month, you can request this additional service of the Bank. The service is charged in accordance with the Tariff fees for the Bank services (printing and distribution costs).

  • Free service activation

    After downloading Intesa Mobi application from one of the app stores, you can use trial version completely free of charge in order to get familiar with the functionalities of the application. In order to use all functionalities of the Intesa Mobi service, visit a Bank branch and apply for the service by signing the application form related to the use of the service.

  • Pay your bills
  • Check your balance and turn over on all your accounts and credit cards that you have in the Bank
  • Transfer assets between the accounts that you have in the Bank
  • Pay off your credit cards
  • Check exchange rates
  • Perform currency conversion
  • Overview the loans that you have in the Bank
  • Find the branches and ATMs of the Bank


  • You can use the application only on the phone for which the app has been activated.
  • The application automatically shuts down after two minutes of inactivity.
  • Sensitive data related to your accounts and completed transactions are stored in the temporary memory of your phone during the use of application, from which they are automatically erased right after closing the application.
  • The mPIN check-up is conducted in the bank, not on your mobile device.
  • The application is automatically blocked after five consecutive wrong mPIN entries. Your mToken application is also automatically blocked in such cases. Due to this, you need to visit a Bank branch to reactivate the application.


Banking made easy.

Discover how simple it is to use the Intesa Mobi application.

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