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The role of investment bankers in the startup ecosystem

Startups often need to raise funds in order to grow, and most entrepreneurs don’t understand the fundraising process. It’s all very foreign to them, and they don’t know how to pitch, or how to contact investors.
This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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AI will simplify talent acquisition

Recruiters vet thousands of applications and conduct hundreds of interviews each year. This process generates an absurd amount of data that can be difficult for the average human to handle. Modern recruiters are very talented, but they inevitably miss employee placements due to human error in data collection and processing.
This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Has the face of payments changed forever?

New technologies are enabling innovation at an unprecedented rate. And while banks are leveraging these new technologies, fintech firms are leading the way when it comes to the speed of innovation.
This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Fintech means Blockchain? Is there anything else?

Blockchain technology is just about the first thing that comes to mind whenever a discussion centers on the topic of fintech innovations. The tendency to synonymize fintech with Blockchain isn’t entirely faulty, especially considering that even the World Economic Forum, in a 2016 report, said that Blockchain technology will fundamentally change the way financial institutions around the world operate.
This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Is Digital Video The Next Big Thing In Financial Marketing?

Digital video marketing gives financial marketers an opportunity to tell great stories with precision and fewer wasted impressions. But with this benefit comes new challenges.

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5 ways tech is making finance simpler for consumers

It goes without saying that technology is increasingly woven into our daily lives, and the over-abundance of touch points is causing consumers’ digital lives to become progressively more complex.
This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Using Machine Learning To Multiply Your Digital Marketing ROI

Banks and credit unions must integrate machine learning into their digital marketing strategies, but where and how should they get started?

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The trends driving transport innovation

Driverless cars, green fuels and personalised infotainment systems are just some of the developments set to change the ways we get about and the places where we live, as the recent EcoMotion conference in Tel Aviv showed.

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Bank of America Brings AI to Account Receivables

Artificial intelligence is making its way into the messy world of account receivables for those corporates processing large volumes of payments, thanks to Bank of America Merrill Lynch and fintech startup, High Radius.

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Artificial Intelligence Needs a Strong Data Foundation

With the potential of providing ‘smart’ solutions for a variety of challenges, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are getting a lot of attention. But, before try to built an AI solution, make sure your data foundation is strong.

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