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The Chatbot Challenge

Technology for automating certain types of customer inquiries using voice and text-based chatbots is becoming more and more common in contact centers. Although in 2018, artificial intelligence (AI) handled only 5% of all customer service interactions, by 2022, that is expected to increase fourfold to 20%. Yet even now, 74% of customers want more human interaction in customer support, so the only way self-service can be introduced successfully is by augmenting and supporting-but not replacing-agent-based contact.

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Facial Recognition Is Suddenly Everywhere. Should You Worry?

The accuracy of facial recognition algorithms has improved significantly in the past few years. That allows you to unlock an iPhone with your face. But the rapid adoption of the technology by government for uses such as airport security and policing has triggered a debate about the algorithms' trustworthiness and how they are being used.

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DataVan launches a customizable POS System English English

Customization is becoming the new norm in the B2B sector. That' s according experts at the B2B Marketing Exchange Conference who revealed that B2B buyers such as retailers are "demanding" personalization [1] . In light of this rising trend, Taiwan' s DataVan International Corporation, a leading system provider is introducing a new series of products built with a modular "building blocks" design.

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Blockchain-Based B2B Payments Platform Paystand Launches Assurety-As-A-Service Solution With Application Ready Blockchain API

PayStand , a blockchain-based, B2B payments firm, announced on Thursday the launch of its Assurety-as-a-Service Solution, which the company claims to allow any business to deploy scalable blockchain networks and applications in minutes. While sharing more details about the new solution, Jeremy Almond, Paystand CEO, stated: "Assurety-as-a-Service lets businesses skip the steep learning curve and start using blockchain right now.

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A computer that understands how you feel

Summary: EmoNet, a new convolutional neural network, can accurately decode images into eleven distinct emotional categories. Training the AI on over 25,000 images, researchers demonstrate image content is sufficient to predict the category and valence of human emotions. Source: University of Colorado at Boulder Could a computer, at a glance, tell the difference between a joyful image and a depressing one?

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Facebook gets closer to letting you type with your mind

More than two years ago, Facebook revealed it was working on a project for typing words onto a computer right from your brain, without requiring invasive surgery to make it work.The company has been working with several universities on the effort, including the University of California, San Francisco. Facebook helped pay for UCSF researchers to study whether electrodes placed in the brain could help us learn to "decode" speech from brainwaves in real time.As it turns out, this is possible:

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Bitcoin vs Libra: Here are the key differences between the two cryptocurrencies

Facebook has made headlines of late with its plans to create a cryptocurrency. The social media company has been forced to defend the project on Capitol Hill, amid regulatory concerns around data privacy and potential illegal usage, while the G-7 has warned it poses "serious" legal risks. It' s an experiment in monetary systems for the digital age, and has inevitably been compared to popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin .

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Facial Recognition Authentication: Is It Good Enough to Fight Financial Fraud?

More than 2800 branches were closed in the UK between 2015 and the end of 2018, and a similar trajectory can be seen across the globe. This trend is driving traditional banks to switch to expand their businesses digital channels, thanks to changing customer demands, and to answer the growing threat from disruptive challenger banks.

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Tech Explained: Big Data

The speed of data creation continues to climb. In May 2018, 2.5 quintillion (that' s a 1 followed by 18 zeros) bytes of data were created every day. And the pace of data collection is set to continue this meteoric rise. By 2020, there are projected to be 200 billion smart devices in use - each one constantly collecting data.

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Crowdfunding in Transition: How Blockchain Will Change Alternative FinanceThe

This is a report from the 4th CrowdCamp of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) which took place on 13 June 2019 in Berlin. Berlin - The rooms of Sirius Minds at the 4th CrowdCamp of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) were occupied to the last seat. This year the focus was on the effects of blockchain technology on alternative forms of financing and thus also on crowdfunding.

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