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AI has the potential to enrich our lives in so many ways – if we use it properly

Let the machines take care of the distractions, while we concentrate on what is really important to us as humans.

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How Wikimedia is using machine learning to spot missing citations

One of the more compelling use cases for AI is automating mission-critical tasks that humans don’t want to do, or can’t do. Wikipedia ran into just such a problem with its citations.

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10 ways central banks are experimenting with blockchain

While research and experimentation with blockchain technology across sectors has been underway for several years, few organizations have deployed it.

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How IoT technology continues to drive smart building innovation

Commercial buildings are getting smarter. They now include a growing variety of technologies that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomena.

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Apple unveils credit card

Apple is launching its own credit card that will be tightly integrated into its mobile wallet and promises to help customers lead a "healthier financial life".

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Adobe and Microsoft are using voice AI to search and query contracts

Adobe, the creator of PDFs and readers like Acrobat, is showcasing new voice AI tech to help more people ask natural language questions about contracts and other documents.

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5G will impact these 10 industries the most

While 5G sets the stage for new opportunities across many fields, it also will bring disruption to the following industries.

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AI Trends to watch in 2019

What’s next for artificial intelligence? Our analysts looked across industries to identify 25 of the biggest AI trends to watch in 2019, from next-gen prosthetics to crop monitoring.

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AR Map Revolution

Remember the first time you used the map app on your smartphone? The magic of the blue-dot and step-by-step directions has undoubtedly changed the way we think about navigation, the physical world around us, and it has also given life to a new layer of location-aware experiences and conveniences.

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Trends Shaking Up Retail Payments

In the hyper competitive payments market, advances in voice technology and a rapid rise in contactless (tap-to-pay) cards represent profitable options for banking providers looking to differentiate and grow.

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